No more PMS I have suffered from PMS for a few years now. My moods would range from really sad to really angry over the smallest of issues. Not only would I cry at the drop of a hat, but also get extremely irritated at the people around me. I started taking Hot Rawks (2 a day) two months ago and I noticed the first month I had absolutely no PMS! So I wondered if it was in my head or was I really feeling better…so I waited the next month to see and same results!! It really is a blessing to me and my family ;-) I do not like taking any kind of medication or anti-depressants because of the side effects they can have. But I feel extremely comfortable taking Hot Rawks because there are no side effects and it’s very healthy!! I am so excited and happy that I feel better now!! It also gives me more energy than I had before without feeling shaky. Miscellaneous -Nikki

My Hot Rawks experience Since I have been taking Hot Rawks my doctor said I am healthier than a year ago and the only thing I have did different is take Hot Rawks. Hot Rawks has lowered my blood pressure and given me lasting energy throughout the day. Now I have more energy to workout and it has helped me be more active. Thanks Raw-Nation for Hot Rawks -Karen

Cure all??? I was fortunate to win my 1st bottle of “Hot rawks” in a raffle to benefit Haiti 2 wks ago,along w/ a cool T-shirt & shoulder carry bag! I was a little skeptical at 1st of all the claims being made..I thought “what the hell,it’s worth a try!” I took 2 immediately that day & gave my g/f 1 just to try…I must say after a few hrs. i started to feel energized…Just an all around sense of well being & in a better mood! I suffer from depression,allergies,anxiety,social nervous disorder (not comfortable in strange places w/ people i don’t know).. I have been seeing Jill clarey (a local naturalpath/homeopathic/herbalist specialist about my allergies & other problems i’ve been having…After awhile i introduced myself to Julie & asked if it really worked w/ women also which it does! After the first wk. i felt a noticeable improvement in mood,energy & an all around sense of well being…Lately the depression has drained my energy & this product really seemed to help!!! Just last night after taking it for 2 wks. I must say had the best sex w/ my girlfriend EVER!!! She actually got mad at me when i got up to brush my teeth because she said ” We just had the best sex ever & you’re brushing your teeth?? We should be snuggling!!!” This stuff reaaly does work! I will continue to use it! And to all you skeptics out there i have 1 thing to say…Just try it! You got nothing too lose & everything to gain!!! I’m a true believer in the natural/herbal alternative to meds!!! -steve

Miracle Pill! The improvement in my energy and overall being is amazing!! I am on hardcore cancer treatments, and since taking the product I haven’t had any of the side effects of the chemo. I can’t say that it would work in that since for everyone, but it’s all natural, so why not try it?? Not to mention all the other perks…my sex drive is out of control, my orgasms are WAY more intense, last longer and I am now officially a “squirter”!!!!!! My boyfriend also takes it and has a much higher libido, longer and harder orgasms and much more stamina!!! You can’t go wrong, it’s an amazing product!! Thank you for creating it!;-) -Kate

Ayesha As a busy mom and small business owner energy is always something I need more of, since I started taking Hot Rawks the energy has been bountiful, my attitude has been great and my libido is back! This product really does “Rawk!” -Ayesha

Loads of Energy I have energy like when I was young-natural, not shaky or heart-palpitating fake energy. I love it! Plus it has caused my night sweats to go away so I get a good nights sleep AND my blood pressure has gone from high to perfectly normal-my doctor couldn’t believe it! -Terry

Hot Rawks Hot Rawks is the real deal. Before taking Hot Rawks I often found myself loosing energy and focus mid-day. Now I have no problems making it through the work day fully focused, in a better frame of mind, and full of energy!! Hot Rawks delivers and does it the healthy way!! I love it -Geoff

Feel GREAT in everyway Hot Rawks makes me feel great in everyway! It works! Increases my sex drive, my energy level and enhances my mood. What more can one say IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS! .. Hot Rawks is for sure RAW-LICIOUS! -sherry