David Wolfe

“Superfoods can and should be consumed in raw and organic form, because decades of research have demonstrated that living, organic raw food is superior in vitamin content…Over the years we have tried farming with pesticides, herbicides, larvicides, genetic modification, hormonal altering, NPK chemical fertilizers (essentially ‘better living through chemistry’), and have ended up with an explosion of disease.” – David Wolfe, Superfoods- The Food and Medicine of the Future 2009

David Wolfe

“Eat organic food only. Pesticides, when absorbed into the body, end up in the sexual fluids; they decrease sexual vitality and cause sterility.” – David Wolfe, The Sunfood Diet Success Story 2008

Dr. Russell Blaylock

“It is now evident that plant chemicals, vitamins, and minerals can attack cancer cells at all levels, but at the same time have no harmful effect on normal cells while powerfully protecting normal cells from becoming cancer cells.” – Dr. Russell Blaylock, Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients

Dr. Steve Nelson

“A low sex drive is an indicator that a person is sick.” – Dr. Steve Nelson

Rachel Carson

“For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death.”-Rachel Carson,Silent Spring 1962

Suzanne Somers

“Sex is what keeps us vibrant and alive, it gives us our edge, our glow, it brings us happiness, it is calming and thrilling…”- Suzanne Somers, Breakthrough- 8 Steps to Wellness 2008

Suzanne Somers

“The brain recognizes a reproductive body as a healthy body…reproductive people rarely get cancer, because they make a full and balanced compliment of hormones.” -Suzanne Somers, Breakthrough- 8 Steps to Wellness 2008