Dale DaBone

Someone with this lifestyle has to take care of their body.  What better way than with Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks™ Certified Organic  Superfood-Injected Aphrodisiac for men and women.

My name is Dale Rutter AKA “Dale DaBone”, I have a full schedule and I rarely get a break between my professional career and personal activities. I am always on the road and I have to take care of my body physically, mentally, and nutritionally, my career depends on it. I’ve been in the adult industry for a very long time and I’ve honestly tried every enhancement and libido pill out there, and I finally found one that works.
I have added Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks™ to my daily supplement intake and I can really tell a difference in my sex drive, performance, energy, and stamina, plus I have the arousal of an 18-year-old, without all the nasty side effects of most supplements on the market today. Not to  mention all the health benefits I get from the superfoods in Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks™. I also love the fact that it’s designed for men and women.  I give it to the girls I’m working with and they love it too. True organic superfoods and herbs can benefit everyone, not just target one sex, that’s why I take Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks™. Finally a healthy libido enhancer that works.  I chose to endorse this product because it does all it says and more.
Wanna be bad to DaBone? “I take Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks, do you?”

-Dale DaBone