Gritty, Truthful Testimony from Julie Wilson, Founder of Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks

Okay, so I have lots of people constantly emailing me and asking me if Hot Rawks actually work for women, and if I take it on a regular basis. I’m assuming these people don’t realize that I am one of the proprietors of the formula, duh? Anyway, the answer to both questions is, emphatically, YES!

For obvious reasons, I feel it’s best to keep my personal testimony under wraps when marketing to the general public. However, my blog is a more intimate outlet and therefore a great way to share my encounter with this phenomenal product.

Okay, here goes…(drum roll please)…

When I first started researching herbs I would experiment with different combinations just to see what effect they would have on me. I would supplement with the raw, organic powders by themselves for weeks at a time, then I would combine them in different variations. Some of the herbs would give me energy. Some would increase my sex drive. Some would just make me feel warm inside. All of this led me to believe that if I created an easy way to take all the herbs together, it would really knock my socks off! I got together with my business partner and we spent the next two years developing Hot Rawks. We met with chemists and labs and lawyers and doctors (oh, my!) before finally coming out with our first batch in November of 2009. When that very first truckload of Hot Rawks pulled up to my warehouse, I anxiously awaited as they brought them in by the case, stacking them one by one as I squirmed with delight. I couldn’t wait to rip into one of the boxes and immediately devour my creation. I’m not sure if it was the adrenaline from the exciting delivery or if it was actually the Hot Rawks, but I definitely felt a huge serge in energy that very first day. I felt like my head was clear, focused, and sharp. I consistently took Hot Rawks and over the next two months I experienced a crescendo of astonishing benefits. It’s like the effects were intensified the more the herbs built up in my system.

Here’s what I experienced, in a nutshell:

The first week I noticed increased energy levels as well as regained focus and concentration. I was able to stay on track all day, and never really burn out.

The second week is when the crazy intense sexual dreams kicked in. I also noticed a major increase in natural lubrication and sexual fluids.

The third week is when the powerful orgasms kicked in. I didn’t think my already-strong pleasure wave could get any more intense. I was wrong. It was like a lapping current had turned into a white-capped wave of sensation!

By the fourth straight week taking Hot Rawks consistently, I was experiencing a myriad of benefits including better sleep, eased digestion, cleared mental fog, and brighter eyes. I even felt as if I could handle stress more easily, which proved helpful since I was going into the first year of owning my own business and dealing with all the drama that goes along with it.

I have received letters and emails from hundreds of other women, all age ranges, confessing these very same benefits and even more. (i.e. alleviated PMS symptoms, disappearing hot flashes, lowered blood pressure, and more). This doesn’t include the countless men who have benefitted as well. Point is, we are onto something pretty powerful here. I love the way it makes me feel, and the way my sex life has catapulted into another level of ecstasy. I am so proud to say I helped create this little magic pill!

So what are you waiting for? Start taking it today, but be sure to send me YOUR story!